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Pre Fabricated Modular Solution

Engineered to meet your needs

Single source responsibility Engineering | Design | Fabrication | Installation | Commissioning | Operation and Maintenance

Pre - fabricated modular solutions provide much needed flexibility for various construction projects of the public and private sector. It does not only solve space or real estate issues, but also ensures timely delivery of heating and cooling needs irrespective of changes in the overall construction timeline.


High-quality design, engineering and construction

Every step of the process critical. At Daikin, we are committed to understanding and creating effective designs that translate our client's vision. From pre-engineering to installation and commissioning, our practices are in line with quality standards and exceed those in the field.

Reduce project cost

Modular solutions provide better performance whilst eliminating inefficient site activities associated with a conventional plant, reducing installation time and cost. This results not only in faster project delivery, but also the efficient use of valuable land without compromising maintenance and service access.

Design through Operational Responsibility

Central Plant design

When building for today with an eye toward tomorrow, pick the scalable solution. Our team works directly with you to design a central plant that is the right solution for your building demands today and can accommodate expansion in the years ahead. Everything is included, from cooling tower structure, piping and wiring to pipe insulation and valve tags to provide you a complete solution.

Each modular central plant is custom designed and fabricated in our production facility by our certified team for your specific project. Engineered with the most efficient and highest performing components and materials, your MCP is ready to deliver savings. Before shipping to your site, each MCP is fully assembled and tested in the factory as a complete central plant

We understand project schedule constraints. Whether you need to complete the project prior to the school year or have a mission-critical operation and can’t afford downtime, we match your requirements. Our team of experts mobilizes to provide a quality-engineered and tested MCP installed at your project site to meet even the most demanding project and commissioning schedules. Your central plant will be operational exactly when you need it

Our team coordinates shipment, delivery, and reassembly of your central plant. This approach reduces coordination and project management effort compared to site-built central plants.

Our team has you covered from product design, production, testing to installation, reassembly, and startup. Our team coordinates all aspects of your central plant execution, reducing coordination effort, yielding better outcomes and easing anxiety. This allows you to focus your efforts on your business

Your project is brimming with moving parts; your central plant doesn’t have to be. Our MCP solutions integrate the highest efficiency components through a comprehensive design, delivery process, all coordinated by a single team. Breathe easier with a single go to resource for your project

Daikin modular central plants are designed specifically to support your needs today and for the future, utilizing highly efficient components; expertly produced, installed and started; and supported over its life. You can rest assured that your central plant will provide you many years of reliable operation.

Modular Chiller Plant Components

1. Chiller

2. Pumps

3. Chilled water and condenser water piping

4. Pressurization unit

5. Expansion tank

6. Air separator

7. Condenser water chemical treatment tank

8. Standby HVAC

9. Refrigerant relief pipe

10. Air handling unit

11. Fan coil unit

12. Triple duty valves

13. Fresh air intake

14. Access door

15. Electrical room

16. LV MCC

17. Raised floor

Market Applications

Replacement / Expansion Projects


Refrigeration Industry

Turbine Intel Air Cooling (TIAC)


Industrial Process / Oil and Gas

Data Centres



District Cooling / Temporary Cooling

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